Digital transformation services to deliver growth from new digital technologies.


Expertise in the challenges of leading established organisations in their journey through digital transformation.


Focus on cloud, data, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 


Innovation consultancy, project management and benefits management to ensure value is the focus.


Pragmatic, "white gloves" digital transformation service supporting business leaders from the idea for utilising digital technologies' through sound business cases and proofs of concept onto development, implementation and operations.

Our Services

Digital Leadership

Digital roadmaps and innovations. Requirements & value engineering. Architecture & project management.

Design & Engineering

Business model design.  Requirements analysis.  User experience.  Software engineering.

Cloud Services

Cloud applications.  Cloud platforms.  Cloud infrastructure.

Intelligent Automation

Web apps.  APIs.   Robotic process automation.  Bots and intelligent agents.

Artificial Intelligence

Data management.  Analytics & visualization.  Machine learning & AI.

Augmented Reality

Mobile-phone enabled augmented reality (AR).  Glasses-enabled AR. 

Project Example: Product Portfolio Management after M&A

Problem:  A specialist division of a large insurance company had acquired two smaller competitors.  They needed to rationalise the combined product portfolios.

What we did:  Using big data techniques and multi-variate data analysis, new and deeper insights were generated into the markets and customer needs.


Outcome: The company redesigned their products to reflect the new insights into the market structure.  Their growth outperformed the industry norms over next five years. 


Need a digital transformation partner?

Whether to partner for a part of your digital transformation journey or as a long-term partner to deliver the benefits of the full transformation to digital, Metanoia brings the digital transformation expertise to complement an organisation's innate understanding of their mission, strategies and customers.