Data Analytics & Machine Learning Solutions

Our consultants help you exploit data to improve and grow your product and service offerings.  We cover both private sector and public sector organisations.  We are focused on the three most powerful and profitable areas of data sciences for organisations:

  • Data analytics

  • Machine learning

  • Business Intelligence

Focused primarily on the SQL and python ecosystems, our solutions can be on-premise or in the cloud.

Our simple approach can support you from the initial idea through the full life-cycle into operations using agile or structured methods.

Our Services

Data Analytics

Analyzing data to derive insights that drive performance and innovation.

Machine Learning

From data the machine learns to predict or categorize that outputs algorithms to automate processes & decisions.

Business Intelligence

Displaying key operational data in dashboards to improve control and performance.

Project Example: Product Portfolio Management after M&A

Problem:  A specialist division of a large insurance company had acquired two smaller competitors.  They needed to rationalise the combined product portfolios.

What we did:  Using big data techniques and multi-variate data analysis, new and deeper insights were generated into the markets and customer needs.


Outcome: The company redesigned their products to reflect the new insights into the market structure.  Their growth outperformed the industry norms over next five years. 


Need a data analytics & machine learning partner?

Whether to partner for a part of your data enabled transformation journey or as a long-term partner, Metanoia brings the data science capacity & capabilities to complement an organisation's innate understanding of their mission, strategies and customers.