Improving our world through digital transformation

Metanoia in ancient Greek means the process of a community or organisation changing its mind about something important.  We believe we are living through an age of profound metanoia driven by an explosion of data and in the power of technology to gain insights, learn and act on that data.


Metanoia itself is a boutique consultancy founded in 1990 by a group of IT researchers at the prestigious Cranfield School of Management.  Over three decades it has been involved in all the major technology revolutions around data and information.  Throughout its focus has been on supporting clients in the private and public sectors to not only exploit new technologies but for the clients to learn how to exploit them further, through skills transfer.  Today Metanoia continues this work focused on data sciences which we know will affect organisations of all sizes over the next decade, potentially automating over 40% of all work activities and transforming products, services and customer service.


Dr. Alan Warr BA MSc MBA PhD CITP MBCS  has led Metanoia throughout and combines technology and business and research skills. With a background that includes senior consulting and technical roles in global consultancies, he leads the exploitation of data science and IT using the techniques and methods demanded of large organisations operating in complex, often global markets.

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