Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Opportunity Mapping

Identifying both the strategic roadmap for AI and the early, high ROI opportunities to build momentum to begin harvesting the benefits.  

Data Sciences and Visualisation

Applying the tools and techniques for gaining value from data.  Achieving clarity on the data elements, cleansing, outcomes sought and the most appropriate empirical, statistical processing and techniques.  Visualising and reporting on data insights with a clear calculation of the confidence levels being achieved and the actions available to an organisation from its levels of maturity and capability on data management.

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) & AI 

Analysing and evaluating datasets for use in AI and applying the appropriate AI tools and techniques to generate new "intelligence" to drive efficiencies, service transformations and growth.  Ensuring the case is sound for AI, the ethical dimension fully addressed and the AI solution is not over-engineered and exploits the recent ML/NLP/AI platforms.