Augmented and Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Opportunity Mapping

AR can transform how organisations and customers view real-world objects and scenes by augmenting them with information and functionality integrated within the real-world.  AR technologies and techniques are becoming mature enough for organisations to now exploit early the highest ROI opportunities to build a strategic capability for AR-based digital transformation. 

Mobile-Device Based AR for Product & Service Differentiation

Designing and developing AR apps and browser based AR customer experiences to differentiate a product or service and draw customer attention and differentiate the brand. 

Glasses-Based AR for Operational Efficiencies

Evaluating and developing AR solutions based on head mounted AR devices for those AR use cases known to have high ROIs in fields such as maintenance and remote collaborative working.  Research-orientated developments that limit risk for use cases where the conceptual business case is compelling ith early mover advantages but yet to be proven in field deployments.