Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation Strategies & Roadmaps


Applying a comprehensive approach to evaluating the "As-Is" for digital for an organisation, then working through the "To-Be" necessary to achieve the organisations operating and growth ambitions.  A roadmap can then be developed to take the organisation on its transformation journey at a pace that balances the ambitions with its digital maturity and capabilities.

Digital Innovation


Through an Agile approach involving a discover sprint and a set of design sprints, digital innovation is de-risked by creating and early proof of concept (POC).  The POC is used to get early customer feedback, to quickly establish the appetite for the innovation amongst key stakeholders and the experience gained feeds into a more reliable business case and project design.

Digital Demand Management & Relationship Management

Digital project design and orchestrating investment case through protecting forums and governance to establish funding and sponsorship for a digital innovation or transformation programme.  Within this the alignment and agreement between the business areas and the digital service providers is brokered.

Digital Transformation Workshops & Training

Assessing needs for developing the understanding and competencies of an team or function to meet the challenges from digital technologies and lead digital transformation.  Designing and delivering workshops and skills training and support for engaging and taking accountability and actions for the digital transformation activities of a function or organisation.