Data Analytics

Driving Transformation with Data Analytics


Most organisations can unlock profound improvements by analyzing the organisation's data by combining the data science methods within the Python ecosystem with the processing power of cloud services.  Data analytics remains one of the highest ROI areas with technology. 

Data Engineering


Selecting and extracting and combining the right data to address the issue or opportunity is the first key step.

Data Wrangling and Exploratory Data Analysis

Usually a significant effort is needed to understand the data and shape it for the appropriate data analysis to be applied.

Data Analysis

It is critical that the most appropriate data science techniques are applied to achieve the insights being sought and for generating actionable outputs.

Data Visualization

Outputs in statistical formats have value but are usually more influential when the data is presented in a visual form within a compelling story board.

Data Analytics Operations

Many data analytics solutions need to run periodically or even continuously, making it critical that the solution design can be easily transferred to business or technical operations.